Friday, February 8, 2008

Figure Oil Painting_the first class

This is my my first experience to paint figure oil painting.

practice.. practice.....

It is bad but it goes from good to better.

Anyway I feel speak English that it is hard to study.. But I never give up


emerson said...

Dude, how can you say that's bad? That's awesome man!

YUGA said...

I think, your pictures are getting better and better as it goes on
and your drawings are coooool

you know,I'm not good at english so I can't say what I want to tell you perfectly-sorry

오빠 정말 잘그린다!!!
꼭 꼭 성공하길 바래용: )

MAXER said...

Thanks emerson. I am dissatisfied with the way it is. I am sure that you would be great concept artist.

MAXER said...

Thanks 가연 성공 해야지 어떻게 왔는데 너도 꼭 성공하렴 넌 일어 한국어 영어 까지 하고 키도 크니깐 외국에서 먹힐꺼여.

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Yo - I didn't know of your blog until now - love this "first figure" ( i should show you my first one - it's all grey and purple and blue ;-)).. nice still life work as well!!! - cheers, kevin