Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I think a lot my major. now I am changing my major but I really wanna be Fine Artist unfortunrately I don't wanna avoid my responsibility which is my family. Now my major is illustration but I realize illustration is not interesting for me. I just think I should take 3D modeling major because I really wanna make concept art. I am going to decide that after 2 days.

and I am finding solution to my problem. Anyway My old friend is going to get married in korea.

I need to go there and congratulate my friend on his marriage.


Emerson said...

If you want to do concept art maybe you should switch to Visual Development, it is under animation but you still have to take quite a lot of illustration classes.

Anyway, awesome sketches man. I miss seeing your sketchbook.

Gonzo said...

Man i really love your stuff. You have a great imagination and would make a great concept artist.


MAXER said...

Thanks Emerson and gonzo you guys are great artist and would be great artist. emerson I already have changed my major to 3D modeling. I am gonna have no time to meet you and old my illustration friends. Gonzo I visited your blog which was so awesome I wanna post up your blog address.

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

just don't leave your fine art work behind! (my opinion) - keep that as a focus and do the other stuff for a job - the best of both worlds! - kevin