Thursday, October 30, 2008


This Model is a lady around middle of 30 age.
She is beutiful and sexy.
So I drew her younger.
She has a good smile but when she was a model and she looked serious. so I was tried change a little hair style, hair color, wearing a cloth.
When I drew her at the time I was thinking about an arrogent noblewoman

Below a man who has good face. I felt he looked like DC comic Superman. He has a parrot. I like the parrot and I tried to draw the parrot, but he was continuously moving.

I am not taking a Drawing class. Unfortunately, I CAN NOT take any drawing class, I feel so sad.

My Class adviser says like that so Now I often join couple of Drawing workshop.

I have drew this drawing in there.


ORNAMENTS-3D said...

nice blog bro, good creation 3d. I just share my ornament-3d in my blog.
visit back ok!

Emerson said...

sweet drawings man. I love the fat lady and the first one, you really did make her pretty.

MAXER said...

Hi Thanks friends
I visited the blog. Good works.
I will visit there sometimes
Ha Ha you know her I think that we join the workshop together.
See you there again