Monday, July 7, 2008


Thanks my friend for giving new sketchbook.

I am thinking new personal concept by myself.

Now I have a hard time for summer semester.


C.B. Canga said...

really enjoying the work you've been posting on you blog. keep it up. cool little compostion here.

Marostrike said...

Now I can see your line quality is chang cleaner and more precisely.

MAXER said...

Thanks C.b.canga
I am enjoying drawing sketching and everything. OK i will keep it up.

MAXER said...

Thanks my bro!!!
I always wait your comment. I will see you. Well, I do not know your cell phone number changeing or keeping.

Emerson said...

great to see you sketching again man! woohoo. loving it.

MAXER said...

Emerson~~~ Where r u ?
I am looking for New concept topic for my project. PLZ call me When you guys get meeting or eating dinner and lunch~.
Thanks for your comment. I always visit your blog. I like your sketch too.~

Anonymous said...

Hey Max,

This is Irys from your Head & Hands class. How's it going? I didn't know this blog was yours! (I've visited it before cos it's linked from Kevin's blog) Great work!

By the way, did Tomotsu ask us to bring anything for the next class? Homework refs or specific materials?

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Hey Max! that sketch w/the four heads/characters is really nice. - you should put another one of it upside down so we can see the other characters as well!

let's see some of your Head and Hands work! and you too Irys!!


Anonymous said...

Hey hyung woo! Wow, i really like your stuff! nice concepts. What are you taking for fall semester??