Friday, August 1, 2008

Heads & Hands class

I love drawing. However I am weak in drawing head and hand.

that's why I take this class. Also my teacher is great artist. I like all my classmates.

I think that i need to take more drawing and painting class.


Alexander Marston said...

weak in heads and hands? Are you kidding? You're an all-star man. I love your class work and your paintings so far have been awesome

C.B. Canga said...

really nice work. you have a tone of skills. i especially like the middle drawing.

don't be too modest.

MAXER said...

Thank you Alexander.
I mean I was weak heads and hands.
now I have confidence about my work. have a good vacation.

MAXER said...

Thanks canga!!!
I love like whe middle drawing woo.

MAXER said...

I am in korea~

Gue said...

your head studies are dope, man. May I ask what paper you used for these particular pieces? Laters.