Friday, September 19, 2008


I joined Henry yan workshop but I am a little late.
I was enjoyed the it and I met some my friends. Anyway,
I will go to the workshop every friday.
I naver ever drown anything for Summer vacation. I felt to become lazy.
One of my friend who is my best friend, he said," Why do you want to do here? I think you wanna be basketball player?" um.. I am crazy about Basketball.
but I strive to remind when I came here with my aim fo life.


Emerson said...

cool to see sketches from you again my friend! i want to see your sketchbook!!

Anonymous said...

what's up hyun woo! your sketchbook looks great. how are classes going for you?

what workshops do you go to? i agree with your friend emerson, i wanna see your sketchbooks too!

very inspirational. makes me work harder. but im lazy haha

Jongmin said...

hey, Hyun woo ya.
Great works! I wanna link your blog to mine, but don't know how to do that. Will you teach me how to do and link my blog to yours?

Gulzar said...

amazing concept arts to be seen in here bro! lovely! i like your form sense!

keep em coming!

MAXER said...

Thanks my friends!
Thanks emerson I wanna meet you with old friends.
ed he You are not lazy.
Henry yan Workshop I am going there~
Jongmin brother ~!!!!!
When we meet I can show how post up an address on the blog.
Qulzar Thanks for visiting my blog~
I liike your art works.
That is great!!!