Thursday, August 21, 2008

Heads and Hands ver.03

Oil paintting. I really really love oil painting I will go to oil paint workshop.

I think that I get something when I paint it is better than digital paint.


ExtraordinaryCollegeStudent said...

You are making me very excited about the Fall semester! Who did you have for Head and Hands?

Emerson said...

why are you so awesome , max? whyyyyy???!!!

anyway, emo aside, really awesome head drawings dude. you really captured them well.

carguin said...

Oh I remember the WIP of the portrait was already rocking when you showed me. I'm glad it turned out so well without losing its spontaneousness. Finished work? I need to do more sketches man :) We'll see I'm experimenting. Thanks for your kind words though. You're awesome.

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

beautiful mate! ( esp the last one.. pierre ?) -k

MAXER said...

Thanks my friends.
I am not so awesome~ EM. I will go to henry yan workshop~,So I wanna meet you guys~ Carquin Your New artwork is good~. You are improving color skill.~
Kevin!!!! I like your oil painting it is so~ awesome.
have a good day~ guys~ and I wanna introduce one of my friends who is grafity artist name is Kura. I post her Blog up. just visit~her blog~ see ya~

Jongmin said...

You are getting better and better in oil painting. Do you want to be a painter in the future? Keep working.