Wednesday, November 26, 2008


This is Robot. I give a name "KR-00" to him.I did not have any idea about "KR-00"I just picked one of the robot sketchs because one of my friends wanted to see my working process and my skill. But I do not think that I have a good process.anyway, I have shown my process to him and then he liked it,so I post my process up on my blog.


경빈 said...

wow good concept-!!
awesome~ good job man.

Hyoung Nam said...

현우~ 나야 ㅋㅋ 디태일 아주조아.
로보트콘샙한거 말이지 한번 포토샵에서 좌우를 뒤집어서 봐봐.

Em said...

i've already said how awesome when you showed it to me, but i'm gonna say it again anyway. AWESOME MAX AWESOMMMMMEEE. GIMME YOUR SKILLZ DARN IT. Can't wait to see the 3d model of it.

Ted said...

max come have dinner w/Em, Elisha, Ye Bin, Carmen and me at:

7.30 at Sushi Hana, 800 Van Ness this coming Sunday. The restaurant is located on Eddy and Vanness. this is the follow up to our dinner last year for the clothed figure group!

Ted said...

max - the "TED" comments are from me - kevin wueste - signed in at my brother's computer! come tomorrow night! - kevin

Ted said...

max, the "ted" comment is from me - KEvin wuete - so come to dinner tomorrow night!!!! ( see other msg and your email for info) - kevin

MAXER said...

I will go there for dinner. Thanks invite to me. See you/

The Art of Kevin Wueste said...

Great Max! see you there!

isabella said...

definitely a great design.

K U R A said...

hey maxer~:-)
i did look at you're massage and thanx for you. so how do you fell lately? i hope you need get it.
take care

MAXER said...

경빈 // Thanks for visit my blog
Hyoung Nam // 그래 한번 봤었지 하지만 진행을 많이 해서 포기 했네.. 좋은 글 고마워
Em // I just think that CAN I MAKE 3D MODEL OF IT. THANKs MY FRIEND.
Kevin // Thank I really enjoied the dinner, and I like your painting.
isabella // Thanks. I wanna see your arts work.
KURA // Thanks my friend. you too.